Pet Print Impression Guide

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Let's get started

First up, make sure that your hands are clean and that you have a distraction free area to work from. Then, remove the contents of the wax impression kit and place everything on a clear surface. You should have three black tins with a ball of wax in each. You may find it easier to have a pair of helping hands to complete the next steps.

Heat the balls of wax one at a time by rotating them slowly in front of a hairdryer (on a low heat), or by dropping the wax into a bowl of hot (not boiling) water for 15-20 seconds. Take care not to melt the wax, it only needs to be soft enough to be malleable.

Roll with it!

Roll the wax with your palms to ensure that the wax is as spherical as possible. This will help create a nice round shaped pendant. 

Softly does it.

You're aiming for the consistency of Blu Tack. If the wax is too cold, it may crack. If the wax is too warm, it may not take your pet's nose print as clearly.

Time to press on.

Be sure to dry your pet’s nose thoroughly with a paper towel before starting. If your pet's nose is too wet, the wax ball will just slide off and not take the print.

Boop the snoot

Gently grip your pet’s snout, and evenly press the ball of wax onto your pet’s nose with your finger. Your pet may need to be stabilised or comforted, so this where an extra pair of hands may come in handy!

If you do not wish to have your fingerprint on the reverse of the pendant, you can use a credit card or the lid of one of the tins provided to squish the wax into your pet's nose.

Please do not allow your pet to ingest any part of the kit.

Lookin' good!

Be sure to inspect your wax impression carefully (see tips below for what to look out for). If you’re not completely happy with your impression, follow the steps to melt your wax back into a ball and try again. You can do this as many times as you need to (or as long as your pet is willing). 


Once you’re completely satisfied with all three of your wax impressions, place them back into their tins. Take care not to leave any unwanted impressions in the wax. Using the stickers, choose your preference by numbering them 1-3. Send your impressions back to us using the pre-paid postage provided.

Need a little extra help?

Top Tips

  • To take a good impression, make sure your wax is warm enough. If the wax has not been warmed thoroughly, cracks and bubbles can appear. This will alter the quality of your pendant during the casting process. If you can see cracks or bubbles, reheat the wax and try again.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to see whether you have taken a clear impression. As a general rule, if you can see the print with the naked eye, your impression is a good one. If you can’t see the impression with the naked eye, try taking a photograph of the impression with flash. If you’re still unsure, send the image to for us to take a look.
  • If you do not want your fingerprint impression on the back of the pendant, use a credit card, a piece of wax proof paper or the lid of one of the tins provided to squish the wax onto your pet's nose
  • You may find it easier to take an impression from your pet with an extra pair of helping hands to stabilise your pet.
  • This kit is completely safe to use on your pet as instructed, however it does require a little patience. The best time to take an impression from your pet is when they're docile. This may be after they have eaten, or just before a nap.


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