All Ruby Tynan Jewellery is made from either sterling silver or solid gold, and although more durable that costume jewellery, handmade jewellery is delicate and still requires proper care.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a precious metal made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% “other” metal, usually copper. Sterling silver tarnishes naturally and occurs when your jewellery is exposed to the air. More specifically, it is caused by a chemical reaction between the sterling silver and the air and any chemicals that come into contact with it. This is a process called ‘oxidation’, causing a thin layer of tarnish to sit on your jewellery. The good news is this is 100% reversible!

Solid Gold

As the name suggests, when a piece of jewellery is described as ‘solid gold’ it has been made entirely out of gold, rather than simply being ‘gold plated’. A plated piece of jewellery has a thin layer of gold over a base of non-gold metal.

In its purest form (24 carat) gold is very soft, and scratches easily. Therefore, it is commonly combined with alloys to create a more structurally sound metal. All Ruby Tynan Jewellery described as ‘gold’ is made from 9 carat or 18 carat gold. In the UK purity of gold is measured in parts per 1000. For example, 375 parts per 1000 by weight is 9 carat, and 750 parts per 1000 is 18 carat.

For more information on the legal requirements relating to hallmarking, please see the Dealers’ Notice prescribed by the British Hallmarking Council.

General Care

With proper care, your Ruby Tynan Jewellery can last for years to come! There are three main things to keep in mind when caring for your jewellery:

  • What your jewellery comes into contact with (chemicals or other substances)
  • How you wear your jewellery
  • How your jewellery is stored

We recommend removing your jewellery before the following activities:

  • Physical activities (exercise, gardening, hiking, swimming, household chores, etc.)
  • When using chemicals (shampoos, harsh soaps, lotions, makeup, hairspray, perfume etc.) - the harsh chemicals can damage gemstones and erode the metal.
  • Sleeping - your jewellery can become caught or tangled
Tips for maintaining your beautiful jewellery:
  • Store your jewellery in a dark, low-humidity area when not wearing it. Ideally, your jewellery should be stored in the box it came in, or a cloth/piece of tissue paper
  • Clean your jewellery regularly with a polishing cloth to prevent tarnishing
  • When cleaning your tarnished jewellery, start by using mild soap and water and gently clean the piece with your fingers. Make sure your piece is completely dried to avoid oxidation.
  • Enjoy wearing your jewellery! The natural oils in your skin may help to preserve the sterling silver, which is why we recommended you wear your jewellery frequently!

If you have any further questions relating to jewellery care, don’t hesitate to get in touch.